Legends of the Mortal: Fallen Memories

Act I - Chapter II

The Wrath of Gret'ta

Yondalla 16th

The following day, Gabriel emerges from the forest from a long trek searching for a farmer’s pig. He returns the pig, claims a humble reward and goes about the rest of his day. Torcadall, Telfis, Ixia, and Ghin resume their normal routines as well, and all returns to normal.

Yondalla 17th

The next morning however, the warning bell is sounded once again. The party emerges to see a small group of goblins in town. Their leader steps forward and introduces himself as the goblin lord Gret’ta. He demands that the people who killed his fellow goblins step forward and face him in combat. Torcadall, Telfis, Ghin, and Ixia do not hesitate, however Gabriel joins them as well, insisting that he help rid the town of the goblin menace. Taken aback at the extra combatant, Gret’ta orders the rest of the goblins to attack. After a lengthy battle, the group emerges successful. The party binds Gret’ta and attempts to get information out of him. He explains that they were chased out of their home by a powerful man in black robes, and that they have been scavenging for food ever since. Before they can ask more however, Gabriel kills Gret’ta. The group decides that they should look into this mysterious figure, but since they did not learn where the goblin’s home is, they decide to meet up later and search for more goblins in the forest.





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