Legends of the Mortal: Fallen Memories

Yondalla 17th

The group arrives at the appointed meeting time, however Ixia does not show up. After a while of waiting, they decide to check at her house. Torcadall, Telfis, and Ghin knock at the door and speak with Faergus, who tells them that Ixia will not be joining them and to leave immediately. During their conversation, Gabriel climbs up to the second story of Ixia’s house and begins knocking on the windows. Eventually, Ixia appears but only shoos him away. Her hair is once again covering her face. Gabriel decides to take matters further and breaks into through a window on the first floor. However, he is caught by Faergus and kicked out. Torcadall and Gabriel decide to return later that night, and Telfis decides to stake out the house. Ghin chooses to stay out of the issue.

Eventually, Faergus leaves to go to the tavern and Telfis follows. He gives his usual performance and then whispers to a bar patron about Faergus. He learns that Faergus moved into town with an Elven wife about a year before Ixia was born and the two ran the blacksmith shop together. They were secretive, but never unkind. About 4 years after Ixia was born, the wife died mysteriously. Ever since then, Faergus started drinking heavily and was much more aggressive.

Torcadall and Gabriel take advantage of Faergus’ absence to break into Ixia’s house again. With the aid of Torcadall’s Wild Shape ability, they manage to sneak upstairs to Ixia’s room, however she refuses to speak them. Torcadall decides to slip under the door in the form of a mouse, and Ixia speaks to him of her sorrows. However, Gabriel blows his cover. Ixia decides to share her story to Torcadall anyway. She explains that Faergus does not approve of her nature worship, and frequently beats her because of it. She is currently locked in her room because of her actions with the party. She has always wanted to leave, but fears that she would not be able to survive on her own, or even get to another town. Torcadall offers to let Ixia stay with him and Solen, and with a bit of hesitation she agrees. At that, Gabriel breaks the door down, they gather her things, and leave. Solen hears Ixia’s story and agrees to let her stay, taking her on as a formal apprentice so Faergus cannot object.

Yondalla 18th

The next day, the party heads out to search for the goblins and manages to find their camp. Torcadall and Telfis speak with the goblins and attempt to learn of their troubles peacefully. After a bit of negotiating, the goblins learn that it was they who defeated Gret’ta. They explain that Gret’ta was a terribly tyrant, and that they are incredibly grateful to be rid of him. The goblins give several magic items to the party and offer to answer all of their questions. They explain that their home is in a tunnel near Dirk’s Pass. The two convince the Goblins to leave for a less populated area, so that both they and the village can live in peace, and the goblins agree. They are even successful in convincing the goblins to elect their new leader through a democratic vote. Gabriel however, believes that the goblins will be a harm to people wherever they go, and decides to end the danger now. He attacks one of the goblins and begins a fight. Telfis convinces the other goblins to flee and leave Gabriel to their party. After a short fight, Gabriel is knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he begrudgingly apologizes and they continue to travel to Dirk’s Pass.

Yondalla 21st

Once they arrive, they find that everyone is hidden in their houses and all the doors are locked. The party manages to speak with the innkeeper and they learn that people have been disappearing each night. They explain that they are here to help and the innkeeper agrees to let them stay.


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