Legends of the Mortal: Fallen Memories

Act I - Chapter IV

The Necromancer of the Mines

Yondalla 22nd

When the party awoke, they realized that the innkeeper vanished in the night. There were no signs of struggle in his room, but there were claw marks around the window. The group followed the tracks into the Mines of Dirk’s Pass.

After much toil, the group eventually found the innkeeper locked in a room with the corpses of several other villagers. He frantically said that the man who captured him just took another person and left. The party rushed into the depth of the mines without hesitation to try and save this person.

The party arrived at a massive underground lake with a small island in the center. When they crossed to the island, they saw a pale Orc standing over an alter with an unconscious Elf upon it. The Orc turned and welcomed the party, introducing himself as Jak. He declared that the party would be his next sacrifices to his lord. Telfis attempted to convince Jak that he wished to join this cult, but Jak asked him to prove his loyalty by killing the party. Unwilling to do so, the party attacked.

Upon emerging victorious, the party left Jak unconscious and tied him up. They then went to the unconscious man to find him still alive. They healed him and he thanked them with much enthusiasm. He introduced himself as Tahlmah, the Magic Missile Master, and told them that he was attacked while he was sleeping in town. While the others spoke with Tahlmah, Torcadall searched Jak and found an amulet bearing a symbol that he recognized, the symbol of the necromancer Ko’or. He explained to the party that Ko’or is a very powerful necromancer that lived long ago, but was sealed away. Now he is worshiped by a small cult who perform dark rites in his name. They woke Jak to ask him for more, but all they learned is that the followers of Ko’or are scattered all over the continent. Jak then killed himself with poison.

Gabriel left to check on the innkeeper while the rest of the party decided to carry the corpses to the entrance of the mines. While doing so, Ghin noticed a small girl watching him from one of the tunnels out of the corner of his vision. However, when he went to check, she was nowhere to be seen. Ghin decided to ignore it and continued his task.

The party was thanked by the mayor and given many gifts for their effort. They decided to rest in town once more and leave in the morning.


Supporting Characters




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